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Are my views for cloud as a “user” changing ?

I am a software developer  and at the same time I use certain applications which I have not programmed and I make use of . As I have already written in my post that as a user I am doubtful how economical and how open it will be for me to use the cloud service ?

How open ?  Now that’s not the question from user point of view actually . But yes my data wont be totally under my control , I wont be able to take the backup of my data .

 Taking  aside the two points I am stressing so much , what are the characteristics of cloud that will attract the user in me .

  •  The capital expenditure is converted to operational expenditure as the cost is highly reduced . This lowers barriers to entry, as infrastructure is typically provided by a third-party and does not need to be purchased for one-time or infrequent intensive computing tasks. Pricing on a utility computing basis is fine-grained with usage-based options and minimal or no IT skills are required for implementation .
  • Device and location independence . With cloud network , I can use my application on any supported device (Mobile , PC etc ) and from any location with just a web browser and internet access .
  • Centralization of infrastructure in locations with lower costs (such as real estate, electricity, etc.)
  • Peak-load capacity increases (users need not engineer for highest possible load-levels)
  • Utilization and efficiency improvements for systems that are often only 10–20% utilized
  • Reliability improves through the use of multiple redundant sites, which makes cloud computing suitable for business continuity and disaster recovery. Nonetheless, many major cloud computing services have suffered outages, and IT and business managers can at times do little when they are affected
  • Improved scalability , performance monitoring , more secure .

Looking at the advantages , the user in me can’t  totally neglect  the cloud . Now one can concentrate more on the operations rather than thinking about the IT infrastructure giving all the responsibilities to the cloud service provider .

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