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Android is rapidly taking over OS market

Its a Smartphone and Tablet generation wherein one will be more interested in using mobile devices that can be handy and connect on the go, My personal experience reveals me that I have reduced my PC/Laptop usage by 50% ( I normally use it while @ work ), and m mostly using my handheld devices.

Long since I have learnt to use a PC, Windows was the buzzword. Yes offcourse when I grew up and got some liking towards programming offcourse the free nature of Linux attracted me, dual boot was the option then, For gaming i definitely had to come back to my Windows because of X11 server  crashes, well that was past.

After such a long duration of ruling the world, Windows is gonna lose its charm. Android is really attracting me infact far more than how I was attracted towards Torvald’s baby. Its really cool and to the best its opensource. 

The day Nexus one launched and when I purchased it, I was totally into it initially very impressed with its interface its portability, customability just awesome. N1 actually got my interest  towards Android.

If you too are interested,  join the Android developer community, play around the sdk and start with your own app and if you are good enough contribute towards FROYO.  Test it on your device. 

Get started here  http://developer.android.com/index.html

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