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Playing with BIRT day 1

Got to have hands one with BIRT today, was very much impressed on much hyped opensourse BI tool from the articles I came across. Luckily got a chance to play around it.

The flash screen flashing INFOR gave me an Idea as of how tightly Infor connectors are integrated with ECLIPSE BIRT. Started with my first report, after creating a report ( test.rptDesign) tried connecting it with the datasource which I wanted to newly create.












Along with various datasource types (Flat File, JDBC, Web Services, XML), a new type (Good News for Infor Professional, finally some things changing in reporting) Infor BDB data source was also available.









Oops I forgot to configure my Infor LN environment, for that I had to go to Windows -> Preferences and there is again a separate link for INFOR settings wherein you need to provide the details like Hostname, company, user, password etc.

I had to come back again for adding the datasource, selected Infor BDB data source, the next screen for testing the connection appeared. Was happy so far everythings working fine, now will be able to see the tables but was not so lucky, I must have still missed something go an error

“Error, DatabaseMetadata License Error”.









Trying to figure out what was wrong whenever I will find time, in the meantime if anyone have come across the error or knows about the error please share the solution.

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