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Playing with BIRT day 2

Yesterday in my post I had written about the error, “Database Metadata license error”. I googled a bit and got the solution for the same. Solution @ Infor365 ( 940474).

Below are the steps I followed to solve the problem

1. Checked the eVentvwr , for the additional error messages that can lead me to problem source.

From the eventviewr I could only figure out that there is some issue with license configuration.

2. Now I had to check if my SLM license data includes the server license for the product id 7046 (Enterprise Server ODBC Libraries, run slm.msc). This check was also passed, but the instance maintained was for the different server.

3. Checked the slmid, and compared it with the server instance maintained in SLM for the product 7046.

The instances maintained where different, so the next obvious thing was to maintain a new server instance. So I maintained the new instance with the details which were the output of SLMID.  Once done the last step was to Save the servers to the License Server and the error is gone. (slm.msc)

Now that the error has moved out of our way all set to play around with BIRT. Will keep posting my experiences with BIRT, stay tuned.

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