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My First BIRT Report for Infor LN

Finally after spending a day navigating through the BIRT controls, successful to print a pie chart for Item Inventory maintained in Infor LN.  The Infor plugins really works great, as I have already mentioned in my previous post. It shows the package wise biforcation of all the tables with the description of the tables as well as the table field, so its very easy for even a newbie to identify the LN tables. This was very much impressive.

The controls and navigation are very well placed. Various Charts,Graphs included and very easy and user freindly configuration. The Best Part is you can write your own script compliant to ECMA standards as per your requirement. The reports can be published in HTML, PDF, XLS etc.

 BIRT Rocks … I enjoyed working on it. Will keep on updating. 

Check out my first BIRT Report.

Now the next step will be call the BIRT report from any external application not necessarily a web application, main purpose is to open the BIRT Reports through LN Worktop and not webtop and finally trying it on mobile devices.

The best thing is BIRT is available for (IOS,Android,Windows etc). Its so very flexisible I can change the entire layout styling, import my own CSS, too good.

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  1. August 15, 2014 at 1:14 am


    Can you help me to guide how to BIRT connect to ERPLN?
    Does it need the INFOR LN Studio? or any different way to connect to

    • NirajKakodkar
      August 15, 2014 at 12:54 pm

      You just need the Infor drivers to connect to BIRT , iF you download BIRT for Infor the bundle already have those drivers. You can also connect to Infor LN without the drivers provided by Infor using ODBC connection.

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