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Finally have my Ubuntu 11.04 up …

Finally after long hours of download, my Ubuntu 11.04 is up. Sad to see that Ubuntu have removed GNOME support and come up with UNITY. Have a look of “UNITY” shell, I liked some of its features and would suggest improvements for some.

ALT + F2 will show you the whole new look, though cant take the screenshot, snapshot tool not working in this view I specially liked this view.The new improved and hassle free navigation, the ALT+F2 view along with run command shows the installed application category wise and available applications for download and look n feel is awesome, a flashy transparent look . One thing I would like to improve on this is a little description on mouse over instead of directly opening software center.

One more thing which I liked is the vertical scrollbar which appears outside the window as an when required. Saves a lots of viewable screen space.

Despite of all the flashy look its very fast unlike windows :). The kernel I am having now is 2.6.38, planning to build 2.6.39-rc4 this evening if I get time.

Being used to GNOME since I have started using Linux, I don’t wanna let it go, will keep GNOME 3 as my primary shell.

Gwibber client is much more faster with 11.04,Firefox 4.0, Thunderbird 3.1 , Anjuta and Mono DE (no need to move to windows for .Net AD) included in the primary distro.

Oracle OpenOffice replaced by Libre Office 3, much improved USC. More updates as I explore it more. Signing off for now.

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