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Big list of Kernels in your grub menu Bro!!

Just returned back from vacation. Really had a great time, a wonderful trip. Really could not find any time for my machines. While on the way for my trip to “Ashtavinayak”, I got a call from my roomie , “Bro !! wanna urgently use your lappy”. The obvious answer was, “Take it Bro!! “.

My roomie was really pissed off, looking at the long list of selections of kernel in my Grub Menu, He being a Windows user and never had a dual boot system, looking at the grub, first thing which came out of his mouth was “What the f***?”. He called me back “Dude !! WT* was that? keep it clean, keep it simple. Your system looks like alien to me”.

That made me give a bath to my GRUB Menu, so that my roomies don’t get the stinking smell. Follow the steps below to do the same bro! 🙂

For checking which kernel you are using currenlty, run the terminal command

$ uname -r

You can find all the installed Kernel images in


You can list all the kernels installed, by using the terminal command

$ ls vmlinuz*

This will list all the installed kernel images peresent in /boot folder, It will be somewhat like


From the above list identify the kernel you wanna remove and for this run the terminal command

$ sudo apt-get remove linux-image-2.6.36-1-generic linux-image-2.6.36-1-generic … … … …

Once this is done, you will have to update grub to display the new list

$ sudo update-grub

Restart the system to see the new list.
Bro!!, hope this makes ur life easier ….

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