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Raplet, a whole new way to look at your gmail contacts

This weekend accidentally got introduced to an amazing browser extension, which totally renovates the way to look into our gmail contacts.

Rapportive shows you everything about your contacts right inside your inbox. It connects to your twitter, linkedin, facebook and many more accounts.

You can immediately see what people look like, where they’re based, and what they do, their tweeter updates, facebook updates, just by opening a mail.For multiple email-ids just hover the mouse on the email-id and the a new raplet will be generated for that id, well its really impressive.You can also record thoughts about the contact for later by leaving notes.

If you’re new to Rapportive, head over to the link, to get set up with this excellent free service http://rapportive.com.

Google has also planted itself on Rapportive’s turf with the launch of its own Gmail People Widget, though People Widget is handy, it pulls in information about the conversations that you’ve had with people previously. But it just lacks that out-of-network information that Rapportive specializes in finding. CEO Rahul Vohra, have really created a rapport amongst techcrowd by his rapportive.

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