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BIRT & Bangalore

Bangalore!! I really have a soft corner for this city, after all its my first job location. Its been almost 4 years, when I last visited Bangalore. Its changed entirely in terms of infrastructure and lifestyle.

Gotto to meet lots of my freinds and colleagues and had good times with them (after hours 🙂 for sure).  Gotto meet Ravi Potdar, Suraj Raut, Prasanth V M, UnniKrishan, Naresh Ganta.  All memories cherished, remembered those good old days.

Visited our very own hangout “EGL“, where I used to spend most of my time, at work and after work. Visted UBCity, it is just wonderful, Vijay Mallya really lives King Size. When I left Bangalore on 27th Nov 2007, it was under construction, and now It is one of the best architecture, I have seen. Visited “Kerala Pavillion“, the place where me along with Prasant used to regularly fill our empty stomachs.

Ohh!! let me introduce you all to Prasant VM (A very talented guy), this guy joined IBM on the same day I joined, We were staying in the same apartment at Domlur, thats not all, only after a year I came to know that this guy also shares my birthday and birth year. What a coincidence it was.

Luckily I got an opportunity to conduct a 3 days BIRT Training session in Bangalore. It was a very nice experience as a trainer. Training session was made very interactive by the much cognizant and experienced senior guys who attended the session. It headed beyond the training Agenda, I prepared because the interest shown by the attendees.

You can check out the training agenda below. If anyone interested in the Training guide, can get it on request at niraj.kakodkar@gmail.com.

Looking forward for the next trip to Bangalore on 26th August, this year for the first ever BIRT Roadshow.

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