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#Bottlenose in, to reduce the #social overload !!

Facebook, twitter streams getting overloaded day by day, the raw data seemingly useful is becoming difficult to handle and useful streams gaining user ignorance leading to be useless. What now ? How to handle so much of raw data and make it useful. Extremely tough task !!

No worries few quick start ups are coming up with high performance apps for sorting and organizing the huge loads of social media feeds.

Bottlenose, the startup with Dolphin mascot is on top of the list which promises to save us from drowning in the social media feeds. Its currently in Beta and is open for networkers with certain KLOUT score and invites. Being a 24 hours tweetaddict gained me enough KLOUT score to gain access to Bottlenose.

Sometimes more is bad, when really more should be good. I remember my good friend, Sudipta Biswal always used to say “Bada hai to behtar hai” (Hindi), but if its too big then “Bada behtar nahi hai, sambhala nahi jata“. Thank god!! to organize the feeds from our ever growing network, there is bottlenose.

Bottlenose has succeeded in creating software that uses natural language processing techniques to parse Facebook and Twitter feeds and learn what content is most interesting to you. Users also can explicitly create categories of content they want to track. The Bottlenose “sonar” user interface displays the topics of posts in your stream like blips on a sonar screen, showing related concepts by their proximity to each other and importance by the size of the nodes in a web of concepts. Most of the software is written in HTML5 and JavaScript, meaning it runs in the Web browser, with the Bottlenose server used to track user account and preference information.

Have a first look of Bottlenose sonar and stream filters for those who have not gained access to it yet.

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