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Customisation Administration AKA custom admin #in

Customisation Administration

At 3/5 customer sites visited, the component movements (for inhouse Customisations) from Development environment to Production environment is done using Patch Management, some uses delivery dumps and a very few uses PMC solutions. In this post will talk about Patch Management along with custom admin.

A lot many times, while creating patch developers, miss some of the components, most of the times labels, messages and sometimes program script objects and the patch when moved to production or QA (5/10 customer sites have Developement & QA as a same environement) there is a chaos that the label is missing or the program is not working the way the user wanted it to run.

It is always a good practice to maintain customization administration, whenever you do any changes or create new components in your customization. Following images below will give you an idea as to how to set up the custom admin.

Step 1 Maintain Projects

Project is basically where you are grouping all your customizations and all the related customizations will be under the project maintained here.

Say for example, I work for an organisation “XYZ” which have multiple sites at Delhi, Mumbai, etc. I wanna group all my customizations as per the sites. All my customisations for Mumbai sites will be under the group “XYZMumbai”. Now this will be my project.

How you are grouping the customizations totally depends on your need, I may have a project defined to group all my distribution related customization together and so on.

Step 2 Maintain Package VRC’s by Project

This will restrict the components to the PVRC’s defined by project.

Step 3 Maintain Customization Parts by Project

This is where you maintain the parts of the project. You can group all table definitions together, sessions together or simply treat the part as the sub-project for your main project and add all your components to this subproject.

Now that you have set up the custom admin for your project which is a one time job, its very easy to add the components to the project part.

Every component’s maintain session will have “Maintain Customization Parts” session linked to it in the special as shown in the figure below. Open it and add the necessary details and save it. Make a thumb rule, that every time you change/create any component you need to maintain it in customization parts, if you miss it you are actually losing the whole purpose of saving your task of adding components to the patch code manually.

Once all your components are maintained in custom admin, all you need to do is copy the components to the Patch Code and create patch.

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