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whats the + in Google+ ?

July 23, 2011 4 comments

Google+ is Google’s yet another  social networking effort, but this time a good effort. Its nothing but the combination several services on the internet, we are already familiar with, Google says “In a better way”.

So what’s so great about it ?  How is it better than other services ?  Which services are we talking about ?  Whats the + in google+ ?  These are the obvious comments, that you can hear from friends around. Lets try to find out the + in Google+.

Well here is the first look for those who have not logged in to +, the first impression will be “Damn, its so very much similar to Facebook !!! “. But again the look is purposefully designed, so that we dont have to struggle with the interface, as we so damn addicted to the FB look. One thing I always liked about Google, even at the first boot of my Nexus one is, it automatically finds every details linked to my email-id, my profile, my contacts and syncs it wherever required. My profile in Google+ was generated automatically based on all the available details previously fed by me to my Google account. This itself get GOOGLE+ , a + from me.

Google+ still in beta and invite is required to log in. Though you can share your posts to non Google+ users via mail, definitely a + from me apart from its other features.

Lets come to Google+ Circles, Circles is  the coolest feature introduced, though its not new, very similar to FB Lists,  using Lists in FB is not as easy as you can use Circles in Google+. Many of us may be even not aware of Lists in Facebook. Google+ Circles are far easy to use with a cool HTML5 drag & drop for targeted grouping which makes managing & sorting your friends very easy & in a fun way.Google+ have made it possible to share just to those whom it concerns . This is definitely a plus from my friend Sachin Kolli, he always had to comment to take the discussion offline, when he had to reply his girlfriend on FB, ROFL. @Sachin “Baksh de for revealing  this”.

For adding me to your circle click  

Sparks is yet another feature introduced, though I am not really a fan of it, but many of friends like it. Sparks is like Google Reader, except it brings content to you automatically based on your interests. Each topic will get its own “Spark” page and provide links to related articles, videos, photos, etc. Slightly similar to Linkedin news feeds.

Google+ Hangout is the superb feature which allows you to group chat with upto 10 people. Hangout supports voice and video messaging. Whoever speaks gets the focus in the main video frame and all the participants are displayed in the smallervideo frames lined up below. Hangouts are virtual rooms where you can video chat with people in your circles.

Google+ Huddle is a text chat app for mobile devices, currently available for Android and IOS, Group chat can be done with any number of friends on the go. The mobile applications have lots of good features like tagging geo location, similar to FB places. Sharing your location and making your post public will display your post to the people nearby your location, nice feature to know the people around you. Uploading the photos instantly from your mobile phones is really very fast in mobile app. Google has been always my personal favourite when it comes to managing the photos and have not dissapointed me with how we can manage photos and images in Google+.

Image viewers for handling images have a flashy look and can play with the comments in the same view,  unlike FB which really piss me off. “Sandeep saheb, uploading your image without prior intimation, hope you don’t sue me, LOL“.

Google + Locations is also a nice feature to provide your checkin information to your desired circle. Its same as FourSquare and FB places but still the way we do it in Google+ definitely gains a plus from me. All this in beta means we can expect a little more features when it officially releases.

Yet another feature, which I liked is data liberation, it allows to download everything uploaded/posted to + including circles, contacts, posts etc.

What makes Google+ even more better is its integration with email, and again single sign-on for all Google products. So I find lots of ++ in Google+, what about you ?

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Raplet, a whole new way to look at your gmail contacts

This weekend accidentally got introduced to an amazing browser extension, which totally renovates the way to look into our gmail contacts.

Rapportive shows you everything about your contacts right inside your inbox. It connects to your twitter, linkedin, facebook and many more accounts.

You can immediately see what people look like, where they’re based, and what they do, their tweeter updates, facebook updates, just by opening a mail.For multiple email-ids just hover the mouse on the email-id and the a new raplet will be generated for that id, well its really impressive.You can also record thoughts about the contact for later by leaving notes.

If you’re new to Rapportive, head over to the link, to get set up with this excellent free service

Google has also planted itself on Rapportive’s turf with the launch of its own Gmail People Widget, though People Widget is handy, it pulls in information about the conversations that you’ve had with people previously. But it just lacks that out-of-network information that Rapportive specializes in finding. CEO Rahul Vohra, have really created a rapport amongst techcrowd by his rapportive.

Wooo000h Facebook need no internet now with Airtel

May 18, 2011 2 comments

Amazing !!! something really making me think over moving from my age old Vodafone to Airtel. Since the day I started using mobile phone I am using Vodafone, never thought in my bad dreams to switch the network. I was happy with my Vodafone service. But today when I read this news, an evil thought came in mind murmering in my ears “Dude switch your network, try something new. Number portability have hit the Indian Mobile Networks.”

Though I always say “I hate facebook”, I can’t come out of it now, I am addicted, I am trapped. The facebook widget runs continuosly day and night on my Nexus One eating up lot of my interenet usage.

But thanks to Airtel for its USSD-based Facebook access service in India, one of its kind and first in the entire world. a way to access the facebook without an internet connection. Airtel users will be able to enjoy FB for free, and, for Rs. 1 a day, view/comment/Like news feeds, post on walls, confirm friend requests, find and add friends, and view notifications. Isn’t it a great news for all Facebook fans in India.

What the heck is this USSD ?

USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) is a session-based communication, unlike SMS, which is transaction-based, it has significantly faster response times, and is more suited for content-based and interactive applications. It functions somewhat like a menu-based browser. The technology is unique to GSM, and is a built-in way to transmit data over signal channels. Airtel’s USSD solution is based on Fonetwish, developed by U2opia Mobile.

“Vodafone yaar kuchh karo aapbhi, other than simply activating my caller tunes, without even asking you for doing so.”

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