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February 28, 2013 2 comments
Its been really really long, I have not posted on my blog. I know its really really bad. But, I actually got diverted due to number of reasons.
  •  I got married, Please congratulate me ;-).

  •  I switched my company &  was busy with assignments, well that can’t be a good excuse for me to divert from blogging, I know I would have, spared a few minutes for techbuzz.

  • I was very much fascinated by Google api’s & tried my hands on the same.

As most of my friends  know I love to dig into any new technology that fascinates me. The search & advertising giant “Google” always fascinated me. I am a big time follower of Google, right from its first search page,even tried hard to get the gmail invites, initially when gmail was invite only & now with every service Google is providing, may it be maps, cloud, prediction, finance, analytics &  a bigggg list to type. I was among the first one to buy Google Nexus One, on the day of its launch 5th of January, 2010. I still use it, though I use some new phones along with it.
I know there are huge number of people, who really hate Google for number of reasons, that even I can’t deny, but thats fine, it is one’s own interest.
I use a lot of Google Maps & Navigation, its really useful while driving. Thought of having a look at the APIs. Though I am not a hardcore web developer, I found it quite easy for me to get a hold of these APIs. I tried to build a small app, which is a mashup of Google direction services, places library, charts api, tried to use html5, json, jquery (a lil bit of ’em all). I won’t boast it to be a great app, to block the bandwidth with hell lot of traffic, but its important to me, as its my app :-).
Guys please, if you find some time from your busy schedules, try out my app @ & please critisize, suggest, advice me, to make the app better.
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#Google Holiday surprises!!! try ’em all this #christmas

December 23, 2011 1 comment

Google have been always “the favorite” to me as well as most of the internet population with a very little exception when it comes to search and other Google services. Google have always surprised us in some or the other way, may it be its Guitar doodle on Les Paul’s 96th birthday or the easter eggs like “do the barrel roll”.

Missed the Guitar Doodle ? Don’t worry , here’s the Guitar Doodle, and to browse through the whole range of doodle’s, find ’em here.

The Doodle Repository

Its the Christmas season, everyone is in festive mood ! shopping and holidaying, so thought of moving out of my usual topics on my weblog and walk you through some of my favorite Easter eggs that Google have amazed us with.

Do a barrel roll

“Do a barrel roll” created a trend on twitter in November 2011 like “let it snow” in December. Simply Type the phrase in Google, and the screen will tumble around. Similar effects can be seen for “Z or R twice.” Because it was built in HTML5, it doesn’t work on all browsers.Chrome and Mozilla Firefox seems to support it well.

If you have played the classic 1997 Nintendo, these two phrases are not unknown to you.

Let it snow

Search for the phrase “let it snow” and see what happens ? There is an effect of snow falling all around you browser and the screen freezes as if its really cold inside and then the “Defrost” button appears to clear the screen. Amazing haa!! This is the latest surprise this December.

Along with “let it snow”, if you type “christmas”, “santa”, “Hanukkah” you will find the bells, light bulbs string below the search box.


Gravity was one of my personal favorite. Enter “Google Gravity” in the search bar & hit “I’m feeling lucky” and see everything falling down due to gravitional force :-). If you have Google Instant enabled, “I’m feeling lucky” will be in right corner while in suggested search results.


Askew is one such word which will make us tilt our head, the google page is slightly tilted in 5 degree angle.


Recursion is for geeks, search for recursion and Google shows “Did you mean recursion ?” making the algorithm recursively search the same word, “Did you mean ?” normally appears for spelling mistakes.


Mentalplex was started as a April fool joke but is still available at Mentalplex


Wanna play “Pacman”, you can get the doodle at Pacman

These are few Google surprises which I experienced, share the ones which I have missed 🙂

Cheers and enjoy the Christmas to the max. Merry Christmas !!

Update : Today’s doodle (24-12-2011)

Todays Google christmas doodle is just awesome with light buttons and animation along with jingle bell music.

Is it BOA or Google Plus, who is wrong ?

November 16, 2011 Leave a comment

Must have read in news, about the Bank of America, bogus page. But whose mistake is it actually ? Is it Bank of America’s Social media team being so careless, about their brand page or is it Google who failed to verify the authenticity of their client in their newly launched page branding in G+ ?

Well I leave this questions to the readers. Recent updates though says that Google have removed the bogus page and handed it over to Bank of America and have also included a “verified” check mark similar to what Twitter uses, thats not at all a surprise for us though.

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Designer QR – Logo is not just a logo now

July 28, 2011 5 comments

Got bored of boring black and white QR codes ? Me too, so made ’em colorful.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My old traditional QR looked like the image below

Now check out my all new designer QR

Some more samples

even more – get one for yourself personalised.

Wish you all a very Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

Any one interested in personal designer QR codes, just drop me a mail @ nirajkakodkar to know more about our attractively priced packages ranging from $9 – $99 ( Individual ) 

Proudly announcing my clients

Check out one of my clients QR and to go through all my clients list click here

QR Code is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Incorporated

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Google Music

July 28, 2011 1 comment

Yesterday while googling around I came across


Music Beta by Google, Google’s music service on Cloud.

Music Beta is a new service from Google that gives you instant access to your personal music collection on the web and your compatible Android devices without the hassle of wires or syncing.

Available in the U.S. by invitation only and free for a limited time. Well that was disappointing, it is not launched in India!!!

The disppointment vanished soon when i simply changed the url from


Awesome isn’t it, we can use the google music service without invitation, without login and in our country India :-), may be for limited period but till then I am enjoying the music.

Google is not hosting the music and streams the music directly from the partner site. One of the partner website which I personally liked was

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whats the + in Google+ ?

July 23, 2011 4 comments

Google+ is Google’s yet another  social networking effort, but this time a good effort. Its nothing but the combination several services on the internet, we are already familiar with, Google says “In a better way”.

So what’s so great about it ?  How is it better than other services ?  Which services are we talking about ?  Whats the + in google+ ?  These are the obvious comments, that you can hear from friends around. Lets try to find out the + in Google+.

Well here is the first look for those who have not logged in to +, the first impression will be “Damn, its so very much similar to Facebook !!! “. But again the look is purposefully designed, so that we dont have to struggle with the interface, as we so damn addicted to the FB look. One thing I always liked about Google, even at the first boot of my Nexus one is, it automatically finds every details linked to my email-id, my profile, my contacts and syncs it wherever required. My profile in Google+ was generated automatically based on all the available details previously fed by me to my Google account. This itself get GOOGLE+ , a + from me.

Google+ still in beta and invite is required to log in. Though you can share your posts to non Google+ users via mail, definitely a + from me apart from its other features.

Lets come to Google+ Circles, Circles is  the coolest feature introduced, though its not new, very similar to FB Lists,  using Lists in FB is not as easy as you can use Circles in Google+. Many of us may be even not aware of Lists in Facebook. Google+ Circles are far easy to use with a cool HTML5 drag & drop for targeted grouping which makes managing & sorting your friends very easy & in a fun way.Google+ have made it possible to share just to those whom it concerns . This is definitely a plus from my friend Sachin Kolli, he always had to comment to take the discussion offline, when he had to reply his girlfriend on FB, ROFL. @Sachin “Baksh de for revealing  this”.

For adding me to your circle click  

Sparks is yet another feature introduced, though I am not really a fan of it, but many of friends like it. Sparks is like Google Reader, except it brings content to you automatically based on your interests. Each topic will get its own “Spark” page and provide links to related articles, videos, photos, etc. Slightly similar to Linkedin news feeds.

Google+ Hangout is the superb feature which allows you to group chat with upto 10 people. Hangout supports voice and video messaging. Whoever speaks gets the focus in the main video frame and all the participants are displayed in the smallervideo frames lined up below. Hangouts are virtual rooms where you can video chat with people in your circles.

Google+ Huddle is a text chat app for mobile devices, currently available for Android and IOS, Group chat can be done with any number of friends on the go. The mobile applications have lots of good features like tagging geo location, similar to FB places. Sharing your location and making your post public will display your post to the people nearby your location, nice feature to know the people around you. Uploading the photos instantly from your mobile phones is really very fast in mobile app. Google has been always my personal favourite when it comes to managing the photos and have not dissapointed me with how we can manage photos and images in Google+.

Image viewers for handling images have a flashy look and can play with the comments in the same view,  unlike FB which really piss me off. “Sandeep saheb, uploading your image without prior intimation, hope you don’t sue me, LOL“.

Google + Locations is also a nice feature to provide your checkin information to your desired circle. Its same as FourSquare and FB places but still the way we do it in Google+ definitely gains a plus from me. All this in beta means we can expect a little more features when it officially releases.

Yet another feature, which I liked is data liberation, it allows to download everything uploaded/posted to + including circles, contacts, posts etc.

What makes Google+ even more better is its integration with email, and again single sign-on for all Google products. So I find lots of ++ in Google+, what about you ?

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I wanna go cashless …

June 8, 2011 1 comment

It was Saturday, 4th of June. Had planned for a movie with freinds. For a change thought of going towards Colaba area for the movie, boarded the fast local for CST from Kanjur Marg. While on the way it started raining heavily, it was the first rains, this year in mumbai.

Plan changed, no movie lets enjoy the rains, so we left our train at Marine Lines and headed towards the queens necklace. Whoever have visited the marine lines in rains knows how beautiful it looks, it was just wonderful. We were all wet and enjoyed to the full.My wallet, my mobile, my wiperless eyegear everything had a shower and totally wet.

While enjoying the rains, our eyes got struck to chaatwalas selling spicy kachha aam (raw mangoes) and bhel. Being foodie, I could not resist myself from getting some chaat, it was absolutely delicious.

While paying the cash and getting the change in return was wondering why an individul can’t accept cards and completely go cashless. No hassles of carrying cash in rains :). How easy the life would be, if this happens, We don’t have to pay cash to the bus, autowalas, chaatwalas, absolutely free from running to the ATMs.

There should be something like this somewhere, this thought led me to the “Search God”, Google. The God, redirected me to the url ““.This was exactly, what I wanted. Gods know what you want. Tried to signup, but found that the services are currently not available in India. But with this kind of innovative services, there is very little time for the extinction of our very own currency notes and coins. We will have to see ’em in the museums.

Square up makes it possible, for us to go cashless. Signing up with Square, provides a free card reader that can be attached to the mobile phones and have their app available for “andorid” and “iphone” with a nominal charge of 2.75% per swipe.

This sounds cool, wanna use it and know the comments on the usage from the one who have actually used it.

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