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You know BaaN right ?, Appko BaaN to aata hai naa ?

May 26, 2011 6 comments

Dan’s blog inspired me a lot, for writing this blog post. I am a BaaN fan too, a hardcore BaaN fan and no ways I am going to leave BaaN. I have worked on various open technologies as well as packaged softwares in my 6 year professional career, but I always tried to integrate it with Baan and stay with BaaN. I could have moved towards other technologies like my colleagues did, but no I can see a bright uprise in BaaN ERP in near future.

I remember the days when I was not sure, whether to stick with BaaN or move on.
Day 1 of my career, I had just joined Mr. N.C Mehta for BaaN implementation in MCAAL.Totally unaware of what is Baan, had not even heard it as a buzzword, not my mistake at all, was not even interviewed as a BaaN resource. Not their mistake either, freshers never wanted to work on BaaN, there was a hype that it was outdated.

Three of us Ravi, Aalok and me joined Mr. Mehta. Aalok was strong opposer for working on BaaN, We consulted our professor Miss. Dalvi for the same, Aalok obviously left next day and yes, he is leading a project in an big IT company today.

I still remember, On my first day, Mr. Mehta was introducing me with the IT team, suddenly someone asked me in a loud voice

“You know Baan right, aapko Baan to aata hai naa ?”

, damn what the heck is this BaaN, I was totally confused. That was Mr. Vyas’s voice, He was the senior most key user in Finance, looked very strict at the first impression, though he is a great guy and very much cognizant in his domain. I was blank at that moment, gave him as broad smile and stood quiet.

The interviewers purposely didnot tell us that we will be working on BaaN, due to the fear of us not joining.Finally myself and Ravi took the decison of joining the company.
There was no formal training, nor any sort of guidance regarding BaaN, we were in the middle of the ocean, with no knowledge of swimming and trying hard to reach the shore.

The good wave that emerged in the ocean safely reaching me to the shore where I am now, was Mr. Mayuresh Purandare. Can’t forget this great guy.Everything I learn’t about BaaN, where to start with was through Mayuresh, currently he is not associated with BaaN but he had helped me a lot during my initial period.I met him online on BaaNboard and we are still in touch.

One more name which I can’t forget is Vaishali Naik, she was the senior most BaaN Consultant in MCAAL, whole and sole of BaaN customisations, the one women army.

Further more I met lots of great people in my career path from whom I gained a lot , whole of my Solectron Cape team Prasantha, Lakshminarayan, Venkat, Murtaza, Amod Dighe (The coolest Manager ever), Sudipta, Nirav, Abhijeet, Ganesan Ravi, Anand, Suresh ( the best team ever, it was a family) and my EET team Anthony, Bibbin, Ravi Potdar ( The Don ), Sameer, Viral, Ricardo, Kamal and all the Katsushiro chaps a big list actually.

Now I have no second thoughts in my mind to move out of BaaN. BaaN has a bright future with all the new things Infor is bringing in. Thanks to all the great guys who made me cognizant in BaaN and brought confidence in me to stay along with it.

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