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#Google Holiday surprises!!! try ’em all this #christmas

December 23, 2011 1 comment

Google have been always “the favorite” to me as well as most of the internet population with a very little exception when it comes to search and other Google services. Google have always surprised us in some or the other way, may it be its Guitar doodle on Les Paul’s 96th birthday or the easter eggs like “do the barrel roll”.

Missed the Guitar Doodle ? Don’t worry , here’s the Guitar Doodle, and to browse through the whole range of doodle’s, find ’em here.

The Doodle Repository

Its the Christmas season, everyone is in festive mood ! shopping and holidaying, so thought of moving out of my usual topics on my weblog and walk you through some of my favorite Easter eggs that Google have amazed us with.

Do a barrel roll

“Do a barrel roll” created a trend on twitter in November 2011 like “let it snow” in December. Simply Type the phrase in Google, and the screen will tumble around. Similar effects can be seen for “Z or R twice.” Because it was built in HTML5, it doesn’t work on all browsers.Chrome and Mozilla Firefox seems to support it well.

If you have played the classic 1997 Nintendo, these two phrases are not unknown to you.

Let it snow

Search for the phrase “let it snow” and see what happens ? There is an effect of snow falling all around you browser and the screen freezes as if its really cold inside and then the “Defrost” button appears to clear the screen. Amazing haa!! This is the latest surprise this December.

Along with “let it snow”, if you type “christmas”, “santa”, “Hanukkah” you will find the bells, light bulbs string below the search box.


Gravity was one of my personal favorite. Enter “Google Gravity” in the search bar & hit “I’m feeling lucky” and see everything falling down due to gravitional force :-). If you have Google Instant enabled, “I’m feeling lucky” will be in right corner while in suggested search results.


Askew is one such word which will make us tilt our head, the google page is slightly tilted in 5 degree angle.


Recursion is for geeks, search for recursion and Google shows “Did you mean recursion ?” making the algorithm recursively search the same word, “Did you mean ?” normally appears for spelling mistakes.


Mentalplex was started as a April fool joke but is still available at Mentalplex


Wanna play “Pacman”, you can get the doodle at Pacman

These are few Google surprises which I experienced, share the ones which I have missed 🙂

Cheers and enjoy the Christmas to the max. Merry Christmas !!

Update : Today’s doodle (24-12-2011)

Todays Google christmas doodle is just awesome with light buttons and animation along with jingle bell music.


What do you do when bored @ work ?

December 3, 2010 Leave a comment

What you guys do when are bored @ work to get the stress out, well I toss the paper in the bin, bug my fellow mates, get to the pantry and offcourse blog.

What you guys do, share your past time in office 🙂

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Windows Hang Art

November 29, 2010 3 comments

Its really annoying when your system hangs in between @ work when you are amidst some very critical code logic you have thought of, such crappy moments are damn irritating and feel like banging  the system, ” I need a more powerful system” lolz. The only option now is cold re-boot.

This morning the situation was the same, wanted to keep it cool this time. Discovered a way to keep cool, called it “Windows Hang Art”. This time one application got hung, but was MODELESS, If I move my other APP UI over the hung one it formed nice designs over the hung APP UI area, seen it a lot of times but never though it could be artistic lolz .

Check out some of my designs, create your own and share ’em. 🙂

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