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Command your Infor ERP System with your voice

October 17, 2012 1 comment

Now this is what I would say the next generation Enterprise vision. Quite impressive and innovative step by Infor. Soon you will able to command your ERP System with your voice.

Infor, a provider of industry specific enterprise applications, and third largest ERP vendor has now impressed the enterprise world by developing a prototype app for mobile devices that allows users to search for customer or client information using voice commands. The app integrates with Siri, Apple’s Voice recognition tool, but uses its own cloud-based natural language processing engine to search stored enterprise data and dive into the applications.

According to Nick Borth,product manager at Infor, Siri will translate the voice, while Infor’s cloud based NLP engine will make the translation meaningful by adding context to the words.Eventually the user will be able to search all of the mobile data, check authorisations and take necessary actions with voice commands.

The prototype, was built in just seven hours by Infor’s development team, and as of now only allows users to find customers in certain cities, find the name of a contact or find the specific name of a customer. A full fledged version can be expected soon by the end of this year.

The app will use Infor’s latest middleware offering ION, which allows enterprises to easily integrate disparate or third party apps that had previously been connected using point-to-point solutions. Business Vault (The Enterprise Data repository) platform will enable the natural language processing engine to crawl stored data upon request.

Another thing which has really impressed me is the idea to develop a marketplace for its customers to submit mobile applications that they have developed using Infor’s Motion platform, where it may take these on and create a commercial offering. This will be something like Google Play Store where in you submit apps to share with other customers and Infor software users.Infor is planning to launch this in first half of 2013.

Infor!! Wishing you a grand success in the years ahead, keep up with the innovation.

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