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February 28, 2013 2 comments
Its been really really long, I have not posted on my blog. I know its really really bad. But, I actually got diverted due to number of reasons.
  •  I got married, Please congratulate me ;-).

  •  I switched my company &  was busy with assignments, well that can’t be a good excuse for me to divert from blogging, I know I would have, spared a few minutes for techbuzz.

  • I was very much fascinated by Google api’s & tried my hands on the same.

As most of my friends  know I love to dig into any new technology that fascinates me. The search & advertising giant “Google” always fascinated me. I am a big time follower of Google, right from its first search page,even tried hard to get the gmail invites, initially when gmail was invite only & now with every service Google is providing, may it be maps, cloud, prediction, finance, analytics &  a bigggg list to type. I was among the first one to buy Google Nexus One, on the day of its launch 5th of January, 2010. I still use it, though I use some new phones along with it.
I know there are huge number of people, who really hate Google for number of reasons, that even I can’t deny, but thats fine, it is one’s own interest.
I use a lot of Google Maps & Navigation, its really useful while driving. Thought of having a look at the APIs. Though I am not a hardcore web developer, I found it quite easy for me to get a hold of these APIs. I tried to build a small app, which is a mashup of Google direction services, places library, charts api, tried to use html5, json, jquery (a lil bit of ’em all). I won’t boast it to be a great app, to block the bandwidth with hell lot of traffic, but its important to me, as its my app :-).
Guys please, if you find some time from your busy schedules, try out my app @ & please critisize, suggest, advice me, to make the app better.
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