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4G era

December 4, 2010 Leave a comment

While we in INDIA busy handling our 2G scams, n getting a slight glimpse of 3G, the rest of the world already moved ahead with 4G.

Verizon is launching its 4G this Sunday, check out the benchmark reviews

Where do we stand in technology race, we actually are a decade behind,  so can v call us a next superpower?

Last year when I was in Japan,  seen people in Tokyo using mobile phones instead of credit cards in superstores. Integrated payment gateway in mobile device, no credit cards.

We just call us the next superpower but we are nowhere in technology race. We do have the potential far more than ROW but we don’t have time from scams.

Instead of encouraging our techies work for India in India,  we do the opposite.

Even the most talked about IT cos in India with the exception of a few , are service industries, why are we still dependent on other countries like US. Its time for innovation, n we can do it.

Why was Facebook or Google not invented in India? Why was Torvald or Jobs not an Indian. I agree we have brains by why are we not using it for our own self , we need more entrepreneurs in this tech savvy era

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Motorola’s Backflip bringing in the AT&T network to the android

February 19, 2010 1 comment

Motorola’s Backflip is on the way bringing in the fastest 3G network of AT&T to the android. AT&T will be the latest wireless carrier to embarace Google android. Now thats a good thing for Android, hoping to get the support for Nexus one too soon.

The smartphone has a querty keyboard attached to it which is definitely a nice thing when it comes to business apps. When the keyboard is flipped backwards and tilted in an angle of 45 degrees, you device will be your alarm clock, digital frame, video player, TV now thats sounds really amazing.

Backflip has a 3.1 inch touchscreen but you can also access a laptop-style touchpad on the back when the device is open, a five megapixel camera with flash and camcorder functionality, Wi-Fi, and the ability to tap into AT&T’s fastest 3G network (HSPA 7.2).

 AT&T says this is the first of five Android handsets  it  expects to bring out this year. The phone will be available on sale March 7 for $100, after a rebate and with a two-year wireless contract.

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