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I wanna go cashless …

June 8, 2011 1 comment

It was Saturday, 4th of June. Had planned for a movie with freinds. For a change thought of going towards Colaba area for the movie, boarded the fast local for CST from Kanjur Marg. While on the way it started raining heavily, it was the first rains, this year in mumbai.

Plan changed, no movie lets enjoy the rains, so we left our train at Marine Lines and headed towards the queens necklace. Whoever have visited the marine lines in rains knows how beautiful it looks, it was just wonderful. We were all wet and enjoyed to the full.My wallet, my mobile, my wiperless eyegear everything had a shower and totally wet.

While enjoying the rains, our eyes got struck to chaatwalas selling spicy kachha aam (raw mangoes) and bhel. Being foodie, I could not resist myself from getting some chaat, it was absolutely delicious.

While paying the cash and getting the change in return was wondering why an individul can’t accept cards and completely go cashless. No hassles of carrying cash in rains :). How easy the life would be, if this happens, We don’t have to pay cash to the bus, autowalas, chaatwalas, absolutely free from running to the ATMs.

There should be something like this somewhere, this thought led me to the “Search God”, Google. The God, redirected me to the url ““.This was exactly, what I wanted. Gods know what you want. Tried to signup, but found that the services are currently not available in India. But with this kind of innovative services, there is very little time for the extinction of our very own currency notes and coins. We will have to see ’em in the museums.

Square up makes it possible, for us to go cashless. Signing up with Square, provides a free card reader that can be attached to the mobile phones and have their app available for “andorid” and “iphone” with a nominal charge of 2.75% per swipe.

This sounds cool, wanna use it and know the comments on the usage from the one who have actually used it.


Nexus S is arriving on 16th this month

December 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Google officially announced the launch of its new generation of Nexus series, Nexus S with samsung hardware on 16th December.

It will be the most powerfull phone till date with 1Ghz Hummingbird processor. Nexus S will be the first phone to have Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), so can expect faster android with the powerfull hardware, its gonna be very fast, faster downloads, faster browsing and cool graphics.

It will be the first smartphone to show off a slightly curved AMOLED screen, called a Contour Display (a Samsung exclusive), 4″. The external body slightly resembles to Samsung Galaxy.

Checkout the comparison of Nexus S, Dell Steak and Nexus One, m definitely looking forward for Nexus S, its priced $529 unlocked, $199 with T-mobile.

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Android is rapidly taking over OS market

November 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Its a Smartphone and Tablet generation wherein one will be more interested in using mobile devices that can be handy and connect on the go, My personal experience reveals me that I have reduced my PC/Laptop usage by 50% ( I normally use it while @ work ), and m mostly using my handheld devices.

Long since I have learnt to use a PC, Windows was the buzzword. Yes offcourse when I grew up and got some liking towards programming offcourse the free nature of Linux attracted me, dual boot was the option then, For gaming i definitely had to come back to my Windows because of X11 server  crashes, well that was past.

After such a long duration of ruling the world, Windows is gonna lose its charm. Android is really attracting me infact far more than how I was attracted towards Torvald’s baby. Its really cool and to the best its opensource. 

The day Nexus one launched and when I purchased it, I was totally into it initially very impressed with its interface its portability, customability just awesome. N1 actually got my interest  towards Android.

If you too are interested,  join the Android developer community, play around the sdk and start with your own app and if you are good enough contribute towards FROYO.  Test it on your device. 

Get started here

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Motorola’s Backflip bringing in the AT&T network to the android

February 19, 2010 1 comment

Motorola’s Backflip is on the way bringing in the fastest 3G network of AT&T to the android. AT&T will be the latest wireless carrier to embarace Google android. Now thats a good thing for Android, hoping to get the support for Nexus one too soon.

The smartphone has a querty keyboard attached to it which is definitely a nice thing when it comes to business apps. When the keyboard is flipped backwards and tilted in an angle of 45 degrees, you device will be your alarm clock, digital frame, video player, TV now thats sounds really amazing.

Backflip has a 3.1 inch touchscreen but you can also access a laptop-style touchpad on the back when the device is open, a five megapixel camera with flash and camcorder functionality, Wi-Fi, and the ability to tap into AT&T’s fastest 3G network (HSPA 7.2).

 AT&T says this is the first of five Android handsets  it  expects to bring out this year. The phone will be available on sale March 7 for $100, after a rebate and with a two-year wireless contract.

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