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Desi Innovation – What are you waiting for ?

As the month of February approaches, some of the greatest and biggest end of the season SALE , flood  the Malls with consumers with no place to stand around. And we are not the exceptions to hit the Malls.

It was 26th January yesterday, a very important day for all Indians, as its our Republic Day and off course the biggest end of the season Sale of the year. Everyone in festive & holiday mood.  We ( Sachin, Gurpreet, Sandeep, Jagpreet, Yo Shanky & off course me) targeted  Inorbit Mall, Malad to grasp the best deals of the year. We did a lot of shopping, no doubt about it, but this post is not to list down my shopping items ;-).

After we did our part of shopping, it was the time  for my favorite activity “Pet Pooja”. I am big time foodie. We all rushed to the food court on the top floor. I wanted to have some fresh berry blast , so I ordered from “Dosa Plaza” which was the only stall offering fresh fruit juices. To my amazement when I placed an order,  instead of  handing over the usual bill and the token, the guy at the counter handed over some geeky electronic stuff.

For a while, I was just stunned to figure out, “What the heck is this ?”. I learnt from the counter that the device will blink & buzz, once the order is ready . That was really cool. Its really a pain to wait for your order , stare at the counter to check when my order arrives. This device really a great stuff, stopping all the wait time, you don’t have to stand at the counter waiting for your order to arrive. Just continue your shopping, get busy with your friends and once your order is ready the device will blink & buzz.

These devices are called ” wireless restaurant paging systems”  and are distributed by Long Range Systems

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